IG2000 Series

Class 4800 / Refer to Catalog 4800CT2001

NEC® Requirement

NEC® Requirement The National Electrical Code® (NEC®) requires audible and visual alarm indication where isolation power is used (NEC 517-160). Schneider Electric offers the IG2000CBM remote alarm indicators for this purpose when LIM is located outside the area.


The Iso-Gard™ IG2000CBM remote indicator from Schneider Electric provides remote indication of the visible and audible alarms and digital mA reading from an Iso-Gard Series 6 (IG6) line isolation monitor (LIM).

  • Green LED—stays illuminated while the system is in normal condition

  • Red LED—illuminates when the Total Hazard Current (THC) exceeds the preset alarm level

  • Audible hazard alarm—sounds when the THC exceeds the preset alarm level

    Mute button with yellow LED—silences the audible alarm on the remote indicator (local muting), or silences all audible alarms in the system (system muting)

  • Test button—remotely performs a functional test of the LIM

IG2000CBM remote indicator is available in different mounting configurations .

Catalog Number QTY Description Box Requirements


1 Mounted on two gang plate Customer supplied two gang box


1 Mounted on four gang plate Customer supplied four gang box


2 Mounted on four gang plate Customer supplied four gang box


2 Mounted on Trim 14 x 10 Back box SB120804


1 Mounted on Trim 14 x 6 Existing backbox 53008BB


1 Mounted on Bracket Existing Square D Isolation Power System

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