TeSys™ F Contactors

Refer to Catalog MKTED210011EN

TeSys™ F Contactors

Lugs for TeSys F Contactors

Type LC1

Cable Size
AWG Range

Lug Kit[1]
(Quantity of 6)

Individual Lug
(Quantity of 1)


4 x 1/0 to 750 MCM


TeSys F overload relay accessories: TeSys F Overload Relay Accessories

TeSys F replacement coils and parts: TeSys F Contact Kits, Arc Chambers, F AC, and TeSys™ F—AC Coils (For LC1F115, F150, F185, F225, F265, F330, F400, F500, F630, F780, F800, and F1400–F2100)

TeSys F dimensions: TeSys™ F Contactors, Dimensions, TeSys™ F Overload Relay Dimensions


  1. For additional options and accessories, see MKTED210011EN .

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