Biometric Switches

Refer to Catalog DIA5ED2121212EN

Biometric Switches

Stand-alone biometric switch

The biometric switches of the Harmony® XB5S range are designed to control and secure access to systems and machines by checking users’ authorization through fingerprint recognition.

The following types of biometric switches are available:

  • Stand-alone biometric switches

    • type XB5S1, with 2 fixed states (bistable)

    • type XB5S2, with pulse control (monostable)

  • Stand-alone USB biometric switches

    • type XB5S3, with 2 fixed states (bistable)

    • type XB5S4, with pulse control (monostable)

  • USB biometric switches dedicated to Schneider HMI

    • type XB5S5, connected permanently with HMI

Stand-alone USB biometric switch

The biometric switches are aimed at 2 categories:

  • Administrators, who decide and manage the list of users

    • the only people who can record the fingerprints in the device memory

  • Users, who are authorized to use the biometric switch as a control unit

    • at least 1 of their fingerprints should be recorded in the device memory

    • access is granted when the finger is placed on the sensing screen

The USB switches communicate with the PC/HMI via the USB port to manage the user database. This database can be visualized, saved, and duplicated by PC/HMI with XB5SSoft application [1] [2]. The fingerprint records can also be erased in the absence of users.

The Schneider HMI [3] with VijeoDesigner software [4] enables the switches to authorize different access levels and trace HMI operations of each user.

The switch operates on 24 Vdc and provides protection against:

  • Reverse polarity

  • Overload and short-circuit (switching capacity ≤ 200 mA)


The product is of monolithic design (a single plastic housing) and is mounted by means of a nut (hand-tightened without need for tools) in a standard 22.5 mm/0.886 in. diameter hole. It can be installed on a flat, horizontal, or vertical surface.

A protective cover is available as an accessory to protect the active face of the sensing screen. This cover is mounted using a self-adhesive hinge.

A Female/Female USB extension cable makes it possible for the USB biometric switch to have the female USB port within a 22 mm/0.866 in. diameter hole on the control panel front.

USB biometric switch dedicated to Schneider HMI


  • Conformity to standards: UL, CSA, GOST, and CE

  • Product certifications:

    • CSA C22-2 No. 14

    • UL 508

    • IEC 61000-6-2 and IEC 61000-6-4

  • Degree of protection conforming to standard IEC 60529:

    • IP 65

    • NEMA 12

  • Ambient air temperature:

    • For storage: -13 to 158°F (-25 to 70° C)

    • For operation: 23 to 122°F (-5 to 50° C)


  • The stand-alone biometric switch (XB5S1/XB5S2) consists of a dark gray housing, with the following on its front face:

    • A sensing screen 1 that allows the registration and subsequent recognition of the registered fingerprints,

    • A green LED output state indicator 2 that illuminates when the output is activated (solid-state N.O. contact),

    • An orange LED 3, indicating an administrator’s “Registration” mode,

    • An orange LED 4, indicating an operator’s “Registration” mode,

    • A red “RESET” LED 5 which indicates, in “Delete” mode, that the administrator is deleting all or part of the memory,

    • A red LED 6 which flashes when the reader is presented with an “unrecognized” fingerprint or in the event of incorrect operation.

  • The stand-alone USB biometric switch (XB5S3/XB5S4) consists of a dark gray housing with a sensing screen 1 for fingerprints, a green LED 2 for indicating the output state, and a red LED 6 for the unrecognized fingerprint on its front face.

  • The USB biometric switch dedicated to Schneider HMI (XB5S5) consists of a dark gray housing with a sensing screen 1 for fingerprints on its front face.



Biometric Switch Catalog Numbers



Catalog Number

Bistable biometric switch

24 V DC

PNP output

By 2 m/6.56 ft cable


By M12 connector


Monostable biometric switch

24 V DC

PNP output

By 2 m/6.56 ft cable


By M12 connector


Bistable USB biometric switch

24 V DC

PNP output

By 2 m/6.56 ft cable


By M12 connector


Monostable USB biometric


24 V DC

PNP output

By 2 m/6.56 ft cable


By M12 connector


USB biometric switch

dedicated to Schneider HMI

24 V DC

By 2 m/6.56 ft cable






Catalog Number

Protective cover, translucent and self-adhesive

Protection of sensing screen


Mounting nut, Ø 22 mm/0.866 in.

Spare part


Legend plate, 27 x 8 mm/ 1.06 x 0.32 in., self-adhesive, blank, black background, for engraving


Stainless-steel protective cover

Protects switch from outside elements and vandalism




  1. Compatible with all versions of Harmony XB5SSoft application. The XB5SSoft is a freeware application and can be downloaded from our website
  2. The user database cannot be uploaded from USB biometric switch to the PC.
  3. Compatible with Magelis iPC, STU, OT, GXO, GT (except GT1000 series), GK, GH, and GTO models .
  4. Compatible with VijeoDesigner HMI editor software V6.1, Service pack 2.

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