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Guard Monitoring with Safety Module, Limit Switch, and Contactor

Machine builders are looking to improve machine safety without compromising production targets in dynamic industrial environments. Safety has a direct impact on user productivity and company reputation. However, building the right level of safety on your machine can be difficult due to regulations, a large portfolio of offers, and being sure you have the right safety application knowledge.

Schneider Electric is a complete safety chain provider. Schneider Electric’s safety chains cover all the safety functionality and scalability you need to improve efficiency and profitability. The Preventa range offers an extensive selection of safety products, compliant with international standards, to provide the most comprehensive protection for personnel and equipment.

Learn more about our complete machine safety chain solutions in catalog DIA3ED2140902EN, available at This catalog contains a list of machine safety solutions, including sensors, operators, and logic devices designed to meet a variety of specific needs and performance levels for typical machine safety applications.

XPS Safety Relays

XPS Safety Relay

XPS safety relays monitor various safety inputs, start sequences, and feedback from starters and relays to allow machinery operation only when all safety controls are in their appropriate state and are functioning properly. Inputs can be from emergency stop push buttons, cable pull switches, limit switches, light curtains, safety interlock switches, or two hand control stations.

XPS safety relays give users increased functionality and flexibility when designing equipment to meet safety requirements and standards in the U.S., for the European Safety Directive, IEC safety requirements and meet Category 4 of EN/ISO 13849-1. Most devices can be configured for single or dual channel inputs, and for either monitored start, non-monitored start, or automatic start. Removable wiring terminals or non-removable wiring terminals are available on most module types.

The XPS product family complements our broad safety product offering with modules for many specific safety functions and applications, as well as devices for use in general types of applications. There are even devices whose safety functions can be configured at the time of installation.

Preventa XPS Includes the Following Types of Safety Relay Modules:

  • Specific purpose modules such as limit switch monitoring, zero speed, timing, two-hand control, press control, and others

  • Multifunctional configurable devices with multiple sets of inputs whose functions can be configured from 15 pre-defined functions, allowing greater flexibility and functionality

  • Broad range of devices for emergency stop applications

  • Expansion modules to increase the number of safety outputs

  • Many devices compatible with light curtains


    Features and Benefits

  • LEDs are provided to indicate power, input, output, and feedback loop status.

  • Solid state outputs provide compatibility with system controllers for diagnostics, troubleshooting, and correct system operation.

  • Most devices are available with either removable or non-removable terminals.

  • Most devices are available with a monitored start function to detect welded contacts or incorrect status in the start function and also to detect tampering with the start circuit.

  • Dual voltage devices are available for use with either 120 V or 24 V power to reduce your inventory and increase flexibility.

XPSMCM Modular Safety Controllers

XPSMCM Safety Modular Controller

XPSMCM Modular Safety Controllers are designed to monitor multiple safety functions on and around a machine to minimize the risk of people accessing dangerous moving parts. This modular safety controller is designed for monitoring safety functions such as:

  • Emergency stop

  • Guard monitoring

  • Perimeter guarding

  • Position monitoring

  • Speed monitoring

  • Enabling movement

This is achieved with input devices such as:

  • Emergency stop push buttons

  • Safety guard and limit switches

  • Safety foot switches

  • Safety light curtains and laser scanners

  • Safety mats

  • Safety encoders and proximity sensors

  • Two-hand control stations

  • Enabling switches

XPSMCM System Applications

XPSMCM systems offer numerous advantages compared to traditional safety modules, such as:

  • The ability to design expansion module hardware architecture and layout according to the machine specification. This reduces the number of components, the footprint, and wiring.

  • Simplification of input and output wiring by software configuration combining multiple functions

  • Machine scalability from 8 inputs and 2 outputs up to 128 inputs,16 outputs, and 32 diagnostic status outputs with the expansion modules connected directly to the controller or distributed among 6 islands

  • A wide range of communication expansion modules

  • Intuitive software for logical configuration, offline simulation, and online visualization, testing, and commissioning

  • Simplification of machine maintenance through a removable memory card, which can be used to transfer the configuration to a new controller without software

XPSMCM System Components

An XPSMCM system is composed of:

  • A safety controller CPU, which can be used as standalone or together with expansion modules

  • Safe expansion modules: digital input modules, solid state and relay output modules, or mixed input/output modules

  • Safe speed monitoring modules for proximity sensors and safety encoders: Sin/Cos, HTL, TTL

  • Safe communication expansion modules for safe island creation

  • Non-safe communication modules: interfaces to machine network (Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP)

  • A memory card, available for saving configuration data for ease of maintenance and controller setup

  • Backplane expansion connectors for connecting the modules to the safety controller CPU

Configuration Software

The XPSMCM modular safety controller is supported by SoSafe Configurable software. This sofware is available as a free download at: The software uses a simple drag and drop function block approach to configuration and has a library of configurable safety and logical functions, as well as easy to use tools for:

  • Online configuration monitoring

  • Offline simulation

  • Configuration validation

  • Hardware device scanner

  • Printable schematics and documentation

SoSafe Configurable software supports quick and easy setup of the machine.

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