For point of operation or perimeter guarding

XUSL Light Curtains

XUSL4M Light Curtains

XUSL Light Curtain

XUSLM4 Light Curtains

The XUSL4M Type 4 Safety Light Curtains with integrated muting provide efficient protection of machine operators with uninterrupted automation processes.

The XUSL4M Safety Light Curtains come in basic or advanced models and can be fitted with a range of available muting arm options to fit your specific application. This optimized range of light curtains has embedded safety functions such as Automatic or Manual start/restart and External Device Monitoring (EDM) allowing a standalone operation without a safety interface.

The XUSL4M Safety Light Curtains from Telemecanique Sensors are available in Body and Hand detection models in different protected heights

XUSL Type 2 and 4 Light Curtains

XUSL Type 2 and 4 light curtains provide point of operation protection for large areas without the need for gates or guards. They allow excellent visibility of the machine or process and free access to the machine while providing protection for personnel. Light curtains are made up of an array of infrared light beams to form a protected area. Whenever one or more of the light beams is broken, the light curtain sends a stop signal to the machine safety control circuit.

XUSL2E and XUSL4E Light Curtains

XUSL2E and XUSL4E light curtains for point of operation safeguarding are available in either single or multiple segment configurations. Choose the one that best meets your application requirements. These versions are available in either 14 mm or 30 mm minimum object sensitivity (MOS).

Slim and rugged design results in an esthetically pleasing small mounting footprint suitable for aggressive environments.

Two box light curtains are ideal for installations where it is desirable to mount and wire only two components, transmitter and receiver. These devices are self-contained and the receiver provides the safety outputs.

Features and Benefits

  • 14 and 30 mm minimum object sensitivity (MOS)

  • 14 mm MOS protection heights:160 - 1810 mm (6.3 - 71.3 in.)

  • 14 mm MOS sensing range: 6.0 m (19.68 ft.)

  • 30 mm MOS protection heights: 160 - 1810 mm (6.3 - 71.3 in.)

  • 30 mm MOS sensing range: 8 m or 20 m (26.2 or 65.6 ft.)

  • 29 x 31.5 mm housing size (1.1 x 1.2 in.)

  • 24 Vdc supply voltage

  • Female connector cables sold separately (5 m, 10 m, 15 m, and 30 m)

  • Cascadable devices available - up to 3 segments

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