Lexium™ 32 Servo Drives and Motors

Lexium™ 32 Series

Lexium 32

Servo Drive

BMH Servo Motor

BSH Servo Motor

The Lexium 32 servo drive offer is designed to simplify the life cycle of machines. SoMove setup software, a backup memory card, side-by-side mounting, and easily accessible color-coded plug-in connectors all help to make installation, setup, and maintenance easier. The compact size of the servo drives and servo motors provides maximum power in the minimum space, which helps to reduce overall machine size and costs. The ability to use 3rd party motors, multiple communication cards, as well as standard encoders, enable adaptation to numerous types of control system architecture for industry. An integrated safety function and access to additional safety functions reduce design times and make it easier to comply with safety standards.

Lexium 32 Characteristics

Input Voltage

Single phase: 115–240 Vdc

3–phase: 208–480 Vac

Motor Size

150 W–7 kW (up to 11 kW with 3rd party motors)

Control Options

CANopen, CANmotion, Modbus TCP, Modbus Serial, EtherCat, Sercos III, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Pulse & Direction, Analog, & Motion Table

Links to Websites and Downloads:

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