Lexium™ 32i Integrated Servo Drives

Lexium™ 32i Series

Lexium 32i Integrated Servo

With servo motor and drive integrated in one housing, the Lexium 32i is designed for application areas requiring high precision and advanced motor control. Unlike traditional servo drives that are installed in a cabinet, the Lexium 32i servo drive is installed directly on the machine to help you improve cost, energy, and can reduce cabinet space by up to 60%. Thanks to standard safety functions (STO), communication options, backup memory card, and its modular design the Lexium 32i sets itself apart in the market place to meet the needs of today’s machine builders.

Lexium 32i Characteristics

Input Voltage

Single phase: 115–240 Vdc

3–phase: 208–480 Vac

Motor Size

400 W–2.1 kW

Control Options

CANopen, CANmotion, EtherCAT, ProfiNet

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Lexium 32i Integrated Servo Drives

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