Time of day mode tariff validity

A valid time of day tariff has certain conditions and limitations:
  • Each tariff must cover a unique time period (tariffs cannot overlap), but there can be periods with no tariff.

  • Any number of tariffs, from none to the maximum number of tariffs, can be applied.

  • Time of day tariffs do not adjust for daylight savings time.

  • Time of day tariffs include February 29th in leap years (however, it is not recommended to have February 29th as a start or end date, as that tariff would be invalid for non-leap years.

  • Except for leap years, tariff dates are not year-specific; if you wanted to create a tariff that starts on the first Monday in August, you need to enter the date for that year, then manually update the tariff information for the subsequent years.

Your device performs validation checks as you enter tariff information; it prompts you to change the information that you have entered or set the tariff to disabled if the tariff configuration is invalid. These checks can include:

  • Start and end times must be different (for example, you cannot create a tariff that starts at 02:00 and also ends at 02:00).

  • Start time can only be earlier than end time for tariffs that are applied every day. You can create a daily tariff that starts at 06:00 and ends at 02:00, but these times are only valid for the Everyday tariff and invalid for the other tariff types.

  • Start day must be earlier than end day if the days are in the same month. You cannot create a tariff that starts June 15 and ends June 12.

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