Setting up alarms using the display

You can use the display to create and set up standard (1-Sec), unary and digital alarms.

It is recommended that you use ION Setup to configure standard (1-Sec) alarms. ION Setup supports a higher resolution to allow you to specify more decimal places when setting up the pickup setpoint and dropout setpoint values for certain measurements.

  1. Navigate to the alarms setup menu screens and select the alarm you want to set up.
  2. Configure the setup parameters as explained in the different alarm setup sections.
    NOTE: If you used ION Setup to program decimal values on a standard (1-Sec) alarm, do not use the meter display to make subsequent changes to any alarm parameters (including enable/disable), as doing so will cause removal of all decimals previously programmed through ION Setup .
  3. Click Yes to save the changes to the meter when prompted.
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