Harden the device

NOTE: Refer to Restoration of temporarily disabled configuration settings in webpages to know availability of these features on your meter model.

Recommendations to optimize cybersecurity in a protected environment:

  • Harden the meter according to your company policies and standards.

  • Review assumptions about protected environments and address potential risks and mitigation strategies. See Product defense-in-depth for details.

  • Logout user account sessions in webpages after usage.

  • Limit the number of concurrent user sessions (Refer to table Protocol, ports, and connections).

  • Session lock requires sign in after a minimum time-period of 10 minutes or more of inactivity.

    NOTE: Available only in latest firmware versions:
    • PM5560 / PM5562 / PM5563 / PM5580 meter models: 4.0.0 and above

    • PM5570 / PM5660 / PM5760 meter models: 6.0.0 and above

    • PM5650 meter model: 4.10.0 and above

    • PM5561 meter model: 12.0.0 and above

    • PM5661 / PM5761 meter models: 14.0.0 and above

    • PM5570L / PM5660L / PM5760L meter models: 6.0.0 and above

  • Change the default passwords/passcodes. See Changing passwords/passcodes for details.

  • Least functionality can be applied to prohibit and restrict the use of unnecessary functions, protocols and/or services.

  • Change the communication protocol ports from their default values. This lowers the predictability of port use.

  • Disable communication protocol ports when they are not in use. This reduces the attack surface.

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