SNMP implementation

Your meter supports SNMP after you upload the meter’s MIB file into the NMS managing your meter.

By default, SNMP communication is enabled and SNMP trapping is disabled. Use the meter’s webpages to enable / disable SNMP and configure SNMP parameters.

Supported requests

Your meter supports get and get-next requests (read-only).

MIB file

The MIB file is a human-readable text file. Besides being required by your NMS, you can use it to determine the objects the meter supports and their object IDs.

SNMP requires that you load your meter’s MIB file (available for download from ) into the NMS. The MIB filename is SchneiderPM5xxx_Vyy_zz.MIB, where yy is the major revision and zz is the minor revision.

Your meter is compliant with MIB-II as defined by the standard MIB file RFC 1213. You must install RFC 1213, which is required to read basic network information for the meter (for example, TCP/IP traffic or number of packets received), if it is not included with your SNMP manager software.

Community names

A community name is a text string which acts to help authenticate requests from the NMS to your meter. There are two configurable community names on your meter:

  • Read-only Community: this community name’s initial factory-set value is public.

  • Read-write Community: this community name’s initial factory-set value is private.

If your meter receives an incorrect community string, it generates an AuthenticationFailure trap.

System variables

A system variable is a text string which can be configured to provide information about your meter. There are three system variables on your meter:

  • System contact: the name of the SNMP system administrator.

  • System name: a descriptive name for your meter or the system where it is installed.

  • System location: a description of your meter’s location.

SNMP ports

The meter is configured to use standard SNMP ports to receive requests.

Receives requests

When the SNMP agent (the meter) receives a request on port 161, a response is sent to the source port on the NMS.

Receives notifications (traps)
The meter sends notifications from any available port.

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