Setting up disturbance alarms using display

The disturbance (sag/swell) alarms is applicable only in PM5650 / PM5760 / PM5761 meter models.
NOTE: Before you enable sag/swell alarm, make sure you configure sag/swell setup parameters as mentioned in Table Sag and swell setup parameters available using the display.

You can use the display to configure the disturbance alarms.

  1. Navigate to Maint > Setup .
  2. Enter the setup passcode (default is “0”),then press OK.
  3. Navigate to Alarm > Dist .
  4. Move the cursor to point to Sag Alarm or Swell Alarm you want to modify, then press Edit.
  5. Modify the parameters as required, then press OK.
  6. Press the up arrow to exit. Press Yes to save your changes.

    Sag alarm/Swell alarm setup parameters available using the display





    Yes, No

    This enables or disables the alarm


    High, Medium, Low, None

    This sets the alarm priority and notification options

    Select Dig Output


    Digital Output D1

    Digital Output D2

    Digital Output D1 & D2

    Select the digital output(s) you want to control when the alarm is triggered

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