Alarm types

Your meter has four types of alarms.

Type Description
Setpoint (standard)

Setpoint alarms compare the actual value of a parameter to a specified limit or range of values. These include measured voltage and current values and calculated power quality values.

Some setpoint alarms use high-speed measurements for up to 1 millisecond resolution.

Digital Digital alarms are triggered on a digital input’s on/off state.
Disturbance (sag/swell) Disturbance alarms are triggered on a measured sag or swell.
Unary Unary alarms are not configurable and generate an alarm based on the meter’s state, for example, the meter powering up.
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Alarms have two states:
  • Active: the meter detects the alarm condition is met.

  • Historical: the alarm condition previously existed but the condition has since returned to a non-alarm state.

See the ION Reference, available from www.se.com, for more information about Setpoint, Relative Setpoint, Digital Input, Disturbance Analyzer, and Sag/Swell modules.

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