Modbus map

Your meter’s default Modbus register information (map) is available for download from www.se.com.

The Modbus register information includes:

  • registers and mapped values

  • formats and scaling

  • additional details where applicable

NOTE: Your meter’s Modbus registers are specified differently than previous devices using ION architecture. If you are configuring Modbus slave information on your meter, confirm you are using the appropriate Modbus register addressing. Refer to your meter’s Modbus map for more information.

Your meter has a fixed (static) register map which contains the most common metering values. This map is defined by a series of Data Mapping modules, which also determine the values shown on the meter webpages or the display. The Data Mapping modules are named based on the type of information they map to Modbus:

Data Mapping module Description
Data Mapping Dmd Modules Maps kW, kVA and kVAR demand data such as kW sd del (sliding demand kilowatts delivered) as well as current demand such as I a sd (sliding demand phase A current).
Data Mapping Egy Modules Maps kWh, kVAh and kVARh delivered and received data, including conditional, quadrant and incremental energies.
Data Mapping EN Modules Maps present interval EN50160 power quality compliance data.
Data Mapping EN Prev Modules Maps previous interval EN50160 power quality compliance data.
Data Mapping I/O Modules Maps input metering data, alarms, resets and reset counts.
Data Mapping Meas Modules

Maps measured data from the standard and high-speed Power Meter module.

The Cfg Modbus Map Enable setup register may exist in this module.

Data Mapping PQ Modules Maps power quality data such as Crest Factor, K Factor and total harmonic distortion, including IEC 61000-4-30 power quality compliance data.
Data Mapping Stats Modules Maps statistical low, mean and high data values, such as I a mean (phase A current average value).
Data Mapping TOU Modules Maps time-of-use (TOU) data, such as seasons, rates, and per-season demand such as kW sd rec A (sliding demand kilowatts received in season A).

You can add extra Modbus information or duplicate information that is already in the fixed map to different Modbus registers using Modbus Slave modules.

See the ION Reference available from www.se.com for detailed information about Data Mapping modules and Modbus Slave modules.

See “Configuring custom Modbus data using ION Setup” for instructions on providing additional Modbus data from your device.
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