Analog input voltage and current mode

You can set the analog input’s mode for voltage or current sensing.

In current mode, the analog inputs have a low input resistance while the meter is powered on, and a high input resistance when the meter is powered off. In voltage mode, the analog inputs have a high input resistance regardless of whether the meter is powered or not.

NOTE: When unpowered, your meter’s analog inputs act like they are in voltage mode (high input resistance).

When connected to a current output transducer, this high resistance can create a high voltage. Standard (i.e., 4–20 mA) current transducers have open circuit protection and are able to handle a high input resistance; however, if non-standard transducers are used high voltages may be generated. Your meter’s analog input has circuitry to limit this voltage, but it may not be sufficient with a very high-power current source.

  • Ensure the analog input is configured for the correct voltage or current mode before connecting or activating the current transducer.
  • Do not exceed the device’s ratings for maximum limits.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in equipment damage.
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