I/O overview

Your meter has onboard digital I/O which can be increased by adding optional digital and analog I/O modules to expand your meter’s I/O capabilities.

Do not use this device for critical control or protection of persons, animals, property or equipment.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Your meter base has:

  • three digital inputs

  • one form A digital output

  • 2 energy pulsing LEDs (one visible, one infrared)

Include when RD gets pulsing working:

When you connect the RD192 remote display to the meter base, the same kWh and kVARh energy pulses are transmitted to the energy pulsing LEDs on the display.

You can view information about your meter’s I/O through the display and webpages, and configure your meter’s I/O using ION Setup.

NOTE: The digital outputs can handle voltages less than their specified maximum. For higher voltage applications, use an external relay in the switching circuit.

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