PT/CT correction

Potential transformer/current transformer correction (PT/CT correction), also called instrument transformer correction, can help reduce the need to replace transformers in installations where high accuracy is required.

The primary application for PT/CT correction is to apply correction factors for ratio errors and phase angle errors to instrument transformers. PT/CT correction is done for each current and voltage input to the meter and only affects 1-second power meter data and values derived from it, such as energy or demand. No high-speed, harmonics or waveform values are affected by the correction.

NOTE: For those familiar with ION architecture, the relevant 1-second Power Meter module outputs are compensated using the Instr Xformer (ITC) Correction module. All other modules that use the 1-second Power Meter module’s data are also compensated.

See the ION Setup online help, available from www.se.com, for instructions on how to configure PT/CT correction on your device.

See the ION Reference, available from www.se.com, for detailed information about the Instr Xformer Correction (ITC) module and how it applies PT/ CT correction to your device.

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