Default alarms

Your meter comes with default alarms. Some alarms are enabled by default.
NOTE: Some alarms require configuration in order to operate.
Name Priority Description Default
Current Sag Ph1 - 3 High Current sag alarms for phase 1, 2, 3 Disabled
Current Swell Ph1 - 3 High Current swell alarms for phase 1, 2, 3 Disabled
Sag/Swell High Voltage sag/swell alarm Disabled
Over I unbal Medium Over unbalanced current alarm Disabled
Over V unbal Medium Over unbalanced voltage alarm Disabled

Over THD V1 - 3

Medium Over total harmonic distortion (THD) voltage alarms Enabled
Over kW (P) sd Medium Over kW sliding demand alarm Disabled

Over I a - c, (1 -3) 4

Medium Over current alarms Disabled
V1 - V3 Setpoint Medium Voltage setpoint alarms Disabled
Freq Setpoint Medium Frequency setpoint alarm Enabled
4-30 Volt Intrp Ph1 - 3 Low 4-30 voltage interruption power quality alarms Enabled
Digital In Info Only

Digital input alarms

Number of alarms determined by the total number of available digital inputs

NOTE: Info Only alarms are not displayed.

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