Default SNMP mapping

Enabling SNMP provides SNMP access to the meter values linked to the SNMP Mapping module.

You can configure the SNMP Mapping module to link to different meter values. By default, the following meter values are linked to the SNMP Mapping module:

I a kVAR tot Vll ca Vln avg Ib mean kW sd mx del-rec
I b kVA tot Vll avg Freq Ic mx kW sd del
I c PF sign tot Vln a Ia mx Ic mean kW sd rec
I avg Vll ab Vln b Ia mean kW sd mx del kW sd del-rec
kW tot Vll bc Vln c Ib mx kW sd mx rec kVAR sd mx del
kVAR sd mx rec kVAR sd mx del-rec kVAR sd del kVAR sd rec kVAR sd del-rec kVA sd mx del
kVA sd mx rec kVA sd mx del-rec kVA sd del kVA sd rec kVA sd del-rec kWh del
kWh rec kWh del-rec kVARh del kVARh rec kVARh del-rec kVAh del
kVAh rec kVAh del-rec        

The following meter information is always provided by default and cannot be configured:

Volts mode Model number
Serial number Device name
Firmware version MIB version

If you change your meter’s default values, you must modify the custom MIB file to reflect the new values.

Changing your meter’s default SNMP configuration assumes that you have an advanced understanding of ION architecture, SNMP, and the communications network and power system that your meter is connected to.

See the ION Reference, available from www.se.com, for detailed information on the SNMP Mapping module.

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