Protocols, ports and connections

The Ethernet protocols supported by your device allow simultaneous connections through the IP service ports.

NOTE: Some protocol port numbers are read-only and not configurable.

Protocol, ports and connections

Protocol Port (default) Number of connections
ION 7700 8*
Modbus TCP* 502 8*
Modbus RTU over Ethernet* 7701 8*
DNP 20000 8*
Modbus TCP (dedicated)* 502 32
EtherGate (Com1) 7801 1
DHCP 67 (68) 1
SFTP 22 2
Webserver (HTTPS)* 443 10
SNMP 161 N/A
SMTP server (email) outgoing only 25 1
NTP 123 1
IEC 61850 102


By enabling or disabling TCP/IP protocols, you can control whether or not your meter accepts new socket connection requests. Changing settings for one port does not impact the other existing connections. Depending on the protocol, you can also change the port number.

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