Data display screens

Your meter’s default display screens show measured and calculated information about the power system being monitored.
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Summary Summary Power system summary
Alarms Active alarms, historical alarms Active and historical alarms can be viewed and acknowledged.
Basic readings Voltage, current, frequency
  • Power system voltage (line-to-line or line-to-neutral), current and frequency values.

  • Average, minimum and maximum values are also provided.

Power Power summary, demand, power factor
  • Per-phase and total kW, kVAR and kVA values, along with minimum and maximum values.

  • Delivered and received demand values including peak demand.

  • Per-phase and total power factor along with minimum and maximum values.

Energy Energy Energy delivered-received, delivered and received.
Events Events Meter event log entries listing and details.
Power quality EN50160, harmonics, phasors
  • EN50160 values.

  • Voltage and current harmonics, with individual and total harmonic values.

  • Phasor diagram with magnitude and angle values.

Inputs/outputs Digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, analog outputs Digital and analog I/O values and counts.
Nameplate Nameplate
  • Meter model, serial number, firmware version and feature set

  • Owner and tag information

  • RMD serial number and firmware version

  • Demand configuration values

Nameplate (MID Meter only)
  • Meter model, serial number, owner and tag information

  • Meter feature set, firmware version, firmware CRC, Pulse constant, and template information

  • RMD serial number and firmware version

  • Meter volts mode, meter nominals (voltage, current, and frequency), and PT/CT ratio

  • Demand configuration values

Custom screens Custom screens
Setup Menu Access to the setup menu screens.
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