Default energy pulsing LED sources

Your meter’s energy pulsing LEDs have default energy source values configured for accuracy verification testing.
Calibration Pulser LED LED Location Default energy pulsing source
MU Wh Pulser LED (visible and infrared) Top of meter body MU kW tot
NOTE: The energy pulsing LEDs are configured in pairs. For example, changing the energy source value will change it for both the regular and infrared LEDs.
NOTE: To modify your default energy source value, go into the advanced mode of ION Setup and modify the associated Calibration Pulser module. This is an advanced procedure that should only be performed if you have advanced knowledge of ION and the power system your meter is connected to.

See the ION Reference, available from www.se.com, for more information.

See “Alarm and status LED indicators” for information about other LED indicators.

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