Configuring SNMP using ION Setup

You can enable SNMP and configure SNMP trapping using ION Setup.
You must download the ION MIB file from www.se.com.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Navigate to Communications > Advanced Ethernet and select the SNMP tab.
  4. Configure your meter’s SNMP parameters by selecting the parameter and clicking Edit. Click OK in the editing screen to set the parameter value.
    Parameter Description
    Enable SNMP Enables or disables SNMP on your meter.
    Enable Traps Enables or disables SNMP trapping on your meter.
    Trap Rcvr1 Addr to Trap Rcvr4 Addr Enter up to four trap receiver IP addresses where trap messages will be sent.
    Read only community Enter the community string used for SNMP get (read-only) requests.
    Read write community Enter the community string used for SNMP set (read/write) requests.
    NOTE: You can use the read/write community string for SNMP get (read-only) requests.
    System contact Enter the name of your SNMP system administrator.
    System name Enter a descriptive name for your meter.
    System location Enter your meter’s location.
  5. Review the rest of the SNMP information and modify if necessary.
    **See the “SNMP” on page 66 for more information about how SNMP is implemented on your device.
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