Configuring Ethernet communications settings using the display

You can configure basic Ethernet communications settings using the display.

Obtain your meter’s IP address and other network information from your network administrator or IT department before you begin.

You can use the display to select the IP address assignment mode for IPv4 and IPv6, configure stored IPv4 addresses, and view other settings. To configure the Ethernet settings that are not available on the display or are read-only, use the meter’s webpages or ION Setup.

  1. Go to Setup Menu > Communications Setup.
  2. Scroll through the screens until you reach the setting you want to configure then press the Edit button.
  3. Select the IPv4 or IPv6 Assignment Mode, if required.




    The meter uses the IP addresses that you manually enter for IPv4 (address, subnet mask and gateway) and IPv6 (Global address, gateway address).


    The meter acquires its IP addresses from your network’s DHCP server.

    You can have different assignment modes for IPv4 and for IPv6.

    If you set the IPv4 Assignment Mode to Stored, continue with the remaining steps to configure stored IPv4 addresses. If you are using addresses acquired from a DHCP server, press the down arrow to view the assigned addresses.

  4. Go to the Stored IPv4 Address Setup screen and press the Edit button.
  5. Configure your meter’s stored IPv4 Addresses, as required.

    Stored IPv4 address settings available using the display




    IP Address

    Contact your local network administrator for parameter values.

    Sets the IP address for the meter

    Your meter’s default IP address is

    Subnet Mask

    Contact your local network administrator for parameter values.

    Used if subnetting applies to your network

    Your meter’s default subnet address is


    Contact your local network administrator for parameter values.

    Used in networks with multiple segments

    Your meter’s default gateway address is

    MAC Address


    Your meter’s media access control (MAC) address

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