Mapping additional data to IEC 61850

Map additional data, such as Inputs and Outputs, to IEC 61850. It is not necessary to have IEC 61850 enabled on your meter to perform this procedure.
  1. Open ION Setup > select the meter > Setup Assistant.
  2. Communications folder > 3rd Party Protocols > IEC 61850.
  3. Highlight a parameter to add to IEC 61850 data. Select analog for numeric information and digital for Boolean or binary information.
  4. Click Edit. The custom configuration screen is displayed.
  5. Select the desired meter value. If the value you want is not shown, select Show all available registers.
  6. Select an IEC 61850 item:
    • Click >> to map the value.
    • Click << to unmap values.
  7. Click OK .
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