Configuring digital outputs for IEC 61850 control

Configure default settings for digital outputs to use IEC 61850 for non-critical control of the meter’s digital outputs.

This procedure is optional. Your meter has a comprehensive default settings for IEC 61850 that meets the needs of most systems without configuration. This is an advanced procedure that requires in-depth knowledge of your meter, its underlying architecture and the system in which it is installed.

Unintended Operation
Do not use this device for critical control or protection of persons, animals, property or equipment.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.
  1. Open ION Setup.
  2. Ctrl + click on the meter to select it. This switches ION Setup to Advanced mode.
  3. IEC 61850 GGIO Onb Modules folder > double-click module > Setup Registers.
  4. Select the desired SPCS Control Mode register > Edit. A dialog opens.
  5. Select IEC 61850 CtlVAL from the drop-down list > OK > Inputs .
  6. Select the digital output Status register > Delete.
    NOTE: This digital input register must be deleted in order to prevent a circular reference that will cause the affected modules to go offline.
  7. Click Send.
  8. Navigate to the Digital Out Modules folder > double-click on the module selected to control via IEC 61850.
  9. Select the Setup Registers tab and confirm that the Digital Output module’s setup registers are configured.
  10. Inputs > Source register > Edit.
  11. Navigate to the IEC 61850 GGIO Onb folder and select the SPCS.stVal output register that corresponds to the digital output.
  12. Click OK > Send.
    Refer to the ION Reference document at www.se.com for information about IEC 61850 GGIO and Digital output modules.
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