Creating custom displays using ION Setup

You can use ION Setup to create new custom displays.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Navigate to Displays.
  4. Select Displays from the Front Panel tab and click Edit.
    ION Setup loads your meter’s display information into the Display Editor screen.
  5. Select the display mode of the custom screens from the drop-down list, and rename, delete, or change the order of custom displays.
    1. Click New to add a new display screen in the selected display mode.
    2. Click Edit to bring up the Display setup screen, where you can configure new or existing custom displays.
  6. Configure your screen.
    • Screen Type: Specify the number of parameters displayed on the screen.

    • Screen Title: Enter the title to be shown at the top of your custom display.

  7. Click Edit to select the displayed parameters.
    The number of parameters displayed is determined in the Screen Type selection described above.
  8. Select your digit display properties.
    • Resolution: Specifies the number of decimal places displayed.

    • Last Digit: Specifies if the last digit is rounded or truncated.

  9. Click Send to save the changes in the meter.
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