Configuring custom input metering using ION Setup

You can configure input metering with custom units and rates using ION Setup.

When configuring your meter, the configuration interface may show all of the possible ports, regardless of what is physically available on your meter.

NOTE: Your device’s digital input must be connected to the input metering pulse source. Review the digital inputs assigned to applications to help you understand your existing configuration.
NOTE: To disable an input metering channel and remove any port associations, set Assigned Input to No connection.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Navigate to Energy Applications > Digital Input Based.
  4. Select the input metering channel you want to configure and click Edit. The Input Metering Channel Setup screen is displayed.
  5. Select Enabled to enable the input metering feature.
  6. Click Select to define which digital input is the pulse source for the input metering channel.
  7. Clear the Standard quantity check box. The screen changes to display custom input metering parameters.
  8. Configure the remaining parameters as required.
  9. Click OK to save your configuration.
  10. Configure your meter to log the input metering data if required.

    Parameter Description
    Pulse Weight Enter the value per pulse.

    Select the measurement units associated with the pulse.

    NOTE: Include source identification information by entering “@” followed by the source identifier.
    Demand Period Enter the frequency in minutes that input metering data is calculated in your energy management system.
    Rate Select the rate associated with the defined Units.
    Scaling Select the scaling value based on the relationship between Units and Rate.
    Time Base Select the value and units to match the Rate.

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