Performing meter resets using ION Setup

You can perform meter resets on your meter using ION Setup.

Revenue-locked meters must be unlocked to perform resets that impact revenue data.

Meter resets clear the meter’s onboard data logs and other related information.

Ensure all important data from the device has been retrieved before performing a reset.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in data loss.
  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter.
  3. Select the Verification screen.
  4. Select Normal Mode and click Display.
  5. Select the desired tab in the Normal Mode dialog box. Depending on the tab selected, different resets are available.
    Tab Reset available
    Energy Master Reset
    Rolling Demand

    Peak Reset

    Master Reset

    Volts, Amps and Power Master Reset
    Conditional Energy

    Cnd Reset

    Master Reset

    Input Metering

    IM(n) Reset

    NOTE: n is the input metering number, for example IM1.
  6. Click the appropriate button to perform the reset. For some resets, the meter indicates that the reset is in progress.

    Do not configure or power down your meter until it indicates that the reset is complete or some parameters may not be completely reset.

    **reset behaviour not known, need to validate with dev for next PM8xxx related project**

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