Using the onscreen keyboard

Use the onscreen keyboard to provide login credentials on your meter’s display.
When advanced security has been enabled on your device through ION Setup, many functions require you to provide your advanced security username and password. Use the onscreen keyboard to provide these credentials.

When you access a feature that requires your username and password, the onscreen keyboard appears.

  1. Use the left, right and up buttons to move the highlighted key.

    Pressing up from the top row returns the highlighted key to the bottom row and pressing left or right at the end of one side causes the highlighted key to wrap around to the opposite side.

  2. Press select to input the highlighted key.
    • Select to switch to the uppercase keyboard characters and select again to switch back.
    • Use to delete the last character entered.
  3. Enter your username and select .

    The Enter Password field appears.

    NOTE: When entering your username, the meter ignores any leading zeros. For example, USER1, USER01 and USER001 are all recognized by the meter as USER1.
  4. Enter your password and select .

    If the username or password is not correct, a security message is displayed. All invalid access attempts are recorded in the event log.

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