Configuring time information using the display

Use the meter’s display to configure a variety of time parameters.
NOTE: If your device is installed in a region where DST is observed, it is recommended to use ION Setup to configure the time zone for your locale.
  1. Go to Setup Menu > Date/Time/Clock Setup > Date & Time Setup.
  2. Configure your time and date formats, time zone offset, and daylight savings time offset. Press the down button to access the Clock Setup screen.
  3. Configure the clock and time synchronization source, and the time synchronization time format.

    Date and time setup

    Parameter Values Description
    Time Format 12 H, 24 H Specifies how the time is displayed.
    Date Format MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD Specifies how the date is displayed.
    TZ Offset -12:00:00 to 13:00:00 Sets the time zone of the meter’s location, relative to UTC.
    DST Offset -3:00:00 to 3:00:00 Sets the daylight savings time offset of the meter’s location.

    Clock setup
    Parameter Values Description
    Clock Source Internal, Line Freq, COMM Specifies the time synchronization source.
    Time Sync Source COM1, ETHERNET, ETHERNET - ION, ETHERNET - DNP, ETHERNET - PTP, IRIG-B Specifies the port to receive time synchronization signals.
    Time Sync Type UTC, Local Specifies whether time synchronization signals are received in local time or UTC.
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