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The Maximum module records the maximum value reached by a single numeric variable. It can be reset and enabled or disabled.

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NOTE: The registers and settings available in this module depend on the device or node you are configuring, as well as its firmware and template versions. Not all registers or settings are available on all devices or the Virtual Processor, and labels may vary.



This input is monitored for a maximum value. It must be a numeric variable register from any other module’s outputs. Linking this input is mandatory. The Maximum module ignores any source that is not available.


This input enables or disables the Maximum module (by setting it to on or off respectively). When a Maximum module is disabled, it disregards any new maximum values at the Source input. This input is optional; if you leave it unlinked, the module is enabled by default.


This input resets the Maximum module, setting the Maximum output register to not available. The module can be reset even if it is disabled. This input must be a pulse register from any other module’s outputs. This input is optional; if you leave it unlinked, it will by default never receive a pulse.

NOTE: The Reset input will still function if the module’s Enable input is off.

Setup registers

Maximum modules have no setup registers.

Output registers


This numeric variable register contains the maximum value attained by the Source input, since the last reset.


Each time a new maximum value occurs, the Trigger output register generates a pulse.


All events are recorded in the Event register. Possible events and their associated priority numbers are:

Event priority group Priority Description
Reset 5 A module reset has occurred.
Setup Change 10 Input links, setup registers or labels have changed.

The Event output register stores the following information for each ION event: time stamp, priority, cause, effect, and any values or conditions associated with the cause and effect.

Responses to special conditions

The following table summarizes how the module behaves under different conditions.

Condition Response of output registers
If the Source input is not available The Maximum output retains the value it held when the Source input was available.
If the Enable input is off The Maximum output retains the value it held when the Source input was available.
After the module is re-linked or its setup registers are changed The Maximum register is not available.
When the module is started or powered-up (either the first time, or after a shut-down) The Maximum output register retains the value it held at shutdown.

Detailed module operation

The figure below illustrates the operation of a Maximum module. As long as the Enable input is on, it monitors a numeric variable and every time the variable reaches a new maximum, the Maximum module stores that value and generates a pulse.

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