Voltage Selection Module

The Voltage Selection module acts as a switch between two sets of phase voltages, providing a common set of voltages to other ION modules regardless of the configuration of the power system connected to the meter.

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The switching is based on the Volts Mode setup register from the Power Meter module, in conjunction with the Voltage Selection module’s setup registers.

NOTE: The registers and settings available in this module depend on the device or node you are configuring, as well as its firmware and template versions. Not all registers or settings are available on all devices or the Virtual Processor, and labels may vary.


Vll a, Vll b, Vll c, Vll avg

These four inputs will appear on the V1, V2, V3, and V Avg output registers (respectively) when the Power Meter module’s Volts Mode is set to a power system using line-to-line voltages. If these optional inputs are left unlinked, and the Volts Mode specifies line-to-line voltages, their corresponding outputs are not available. These inputs are factory-linked to the Power Meter module.

Vln a, Vln b, Vln c, Vln avg

These four sources are similar to the Vll a, Vll b, Vll c, Vll avg inputs above, except that they appear on the outputs when the Volts Mode is set to a power system using line-to-neutral voltages. These inputs are factory-linked to the Power Meter module.

Volts Mode

This input is factory-linked to the Volts Mode setting of the Power Meter module.

Setup registers

V2 Behavior

Some power system configurations require phase 2 voltage to be derived, rather than measured directly; this register provides the choice to propagate or suppress the calculated value when the meter is in delta mode.

Use Vll Always

If this register is set to true, then the module will always propagate the line-to-line voltages, even when there are line to neutral voltages available.

Output registers

V1, V2, V3

These outputs are either the Vln (a, b, c) inputs or the Vll (a, b, c) inputs, depending on the Volts Mode of the meter.

V Avg

This output is either the Vll avg input or the Vln avg input, depending on the Volts Mode of the meter.


All events are recorded in the Event register. Possible events and their associated priority numbers are:

Event priority group Priority Description
Setup Change 10 Input Links, setup registers or labels have been changed.

The Event output register stores the following information for each ION event: time stamp, priority, cause, effect, and any values or conditions associated with the cause and effect.

Detailed module operation

The purpose of the Voltage Selection module is to provide a single set of system voltages regardless of the power system you are monitoring. The following diagram illustrates how the inputs are directed into the outputs depending on the Volts Mode setting of the meter’s Power Meter module.

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