Option 2: Upgrade firmware using individual upgrade files

Refer to the “Firmware and templates” section in the meter’s user manual for detailed instructions on how to upgrade the meter, remote display and option module firmware.

Meter firmware upgrade to version 2.1.0

The meter firmware upgrade sequence must be strictly followed, as listed:

  1. V001.088.000.upg (PM8000 or ION7400) or V002.000.100.upg (ION9000 series meters)

  2. V002.001.000.upx

  3. UpgradeAgent_V002.001.000.upx

To retain your meter settings and readings, select a meter template file (DCF) to paste into the meter when performing the first two firmware upgrades.

lost settings
Always select a template file when upgrading the meter firmware.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in loss of meter settings.

Use the Template Paste Options box to specify what you want to retain after the upgrade.

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