ION module updates

0-20 mA Analog I/O support

New meter firmware adds 0-20 mA support for the Analog I/O option module. Your PM89M0024 analog I/O option module must have firmware version 1.2.0 (V001.002.000) or later to use this feature. Refer to your meter’s user manual for instructions on how to upgrade option modules.

High-speed ION module output register updates

In addition to standard (one-second) output register updates, the Analog Input, Counter and DNP Slave Export modules now provide high-speed (half-cycle) output register updates.

When configured for high-speed operation, the modules’ output registers are updated at a maximum of one half-cycle of the measured frequency.

ION Arithmetic module

The Arithmetic module now supports up to 16 Source inputs.

The number of Arithmetic modules has been increased from 70 to 100.

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