Your meter can generate COMTRADE files and store them on the meter’s internal SFTP site.

COMTRADE stands for COMmon format for TRAnsient Data Exchange defined by IEC 60255-24, and defines a common format for power quality event (disturbance) data in order to simplify retrieval, analysis and exchange of disturbance data between multiple sources and vendors.

The format of your meter’s COMTRADE files is as defined by IEC 60255-24.

COMTRADE can be used in conjunction with IEC 61850.

See the COMTRADE and ION technology technical note, available from www.se.com, for detailed information about COMTRADE file formats and implementation.

See Configuring COMTRADE waveform recording using ION Setup for instructions on how to enable and configure COMTRADE waveform recording. See FTP for information about your meter’s FTP connections and folders.
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