Configuring digital output energy pulsing using ION Setup

You can configure your meter’s onboard digital outputs for energy pulsing using ION Setup.

Ensure that the digital output port is available for energy pulsing and not associated with another function.

When configuring your meter, the configuration interface may show all of the possible ports, regardless of what is physically available on your meter.

NOTE: For applications where accuracy is important, use the digital output located on the meter base.

  1. Start ION Setup.
  2. Open the Setup Assistant for your device.
  3. Select Energy pulsing.
  4. Select an energy pulsing source tab (such as Wh Del) to configure energy pulsing using your meter’s digital output.

    Digital output energy pulsing parameters available through ION Setup

    Parameter Description
    Kt The amount of energy source required to trigger the digital output. For example, in the Wh Del tab, the Kt value would be amount of real energy delivered (Wh Del) per pulse.
    Pulse Width

    The minimum time in seconds between pulse transitions.

    OutputMode Select the desired output mode:
    • Pulse: the digital output sends a complete pulse when triggered.

    • KYZ: the digital output makes a transition (off-to-on, or on-to-off) when triggered.

    Port Select an output port from the list. Only available output ports are shown (ports that are not associated with another function).
    (energy source) ovrld

    Pulsing normally indicates that the output port should be operating normally.

    Pulsing suspended indicates that the output port is not able to pulse quickly enough. Modify the Kt value to decrease the number of energy pulses.

    NOTE: To perform specialized configuration go into the advanced mode of ION Setup and modify or add a new Calibration Pulser module. This is an advanced procedure that should only be performed if you have advanced knowledge of ION and the power system your meter is connected to.

    See the ION Reference, available from www.se.com, for more information.

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