Default event log configuration

Your meter logs all configuration changes, meter access events, and power system events.

You can configure certain features, such as the digital inputs, so an event is logged when the feature changes state (for example, the digital input changes from off to on).

Your meter’s event log might be used by other components of your power monitoring system. Do not change the default event log configuration unless you understand the impact of the change on the power monitoring system components and the data they use and on your meter’s memory.

Changing the default event log configuration should only be undertaken by those with an advanced understanding of ION architecture and their meter’s template.

The event log is controlled by the Event Log Controller module, which allows you to set a priority cutoff for event logging. Events with a priority number greater than the cutoff value are logged, and events with lower priorities are discarded. By default, this value is set so that all relevant events are recorded in the meter’s event log. Event priority values range from 0 to 255 with a typical cutoff value of 5.

NOTE: Alarms are generated by events from certain ION modules. The alarm level is determined by the priority of the associated event. To disable the alarm but still record the associated event, set the alarm priority to Info Only. To disable the alarm and the event, set the alarm priority to None.

See the ION Reference, available from www.se.com, for more information about the Event Log Controller module and event priorities for specific ION modules.

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