Delayed waveform capture

The meter’s Waveform Recorder modules support delayed waveform capture.

The Waveform Recorder module’s Record Delay Cycles setup register specifies how many cycles to delay the waveform capture after the Record input is triggered. This is for capturing post-trigger waveform data.

The Waveform Recorder module captures one waveform record every time its Record input is triggered. One waveform record is defined by the module’s Format setup register, expressed as (number of samples per cycle) x (number of cycles per waveform record). For example, if Format is set to 512x4, that means one waveform record is made up of 4 cycles of waveform data at 512 samples per cycle resolution.

A Waveform recording triggered
B Waveform record if Record Delay Cycles was set to zero
C Delay period (number of cycles specified in Record Delay Cycles setup register)
D Delayed waveform capture recorded in waveform log
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