External Numeric Module

This module provides a numeric register that you can set to a certain value.

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The External Numeric module can be useful for testing frameworks that have an initial numeric input. For example, if you have created a framework that performs a function based on the value of I avg from the Power Meter module, you can test it with known values before actually linking it to the I avg register. In addition, if your device has Analog Output modules, you can use an External Numeric module to specify the current or voltage you want to deliver to some external equipment.

NOTE: The registers and settings available in this module depend on the device or node you are configuring, as well as its firmware and template versions. Not all registers or settings are available on all devices or the Virtual Processor, and labels may vary.


External Numeric modules have no inputs; they are controlled via communications.

Setup registers

EvPriority (event priority)

This register allows you to assign a priority level to the events produced when the output register is written. When EvPriority is zero, no event is written.

Output registers


External Numeric modules have a single numeric register which can be manually controlled via communications.


All events produced by an External Numeric module are written into this register. Possible events and their associated priority numbers are shown in the table below.

Event priority group Priority Description
Setup Change 10 Setup register or labels have changed.
Output Value Written * A value is written to the Numeric output register.
* The priority of this event is determined by the value in the EvPriority setup register.

The Event output register stores the following information for each ION event: time stamp, priority, cause, effect, and any values or conditions.

Responses to special conditions

The following table summarizes how the External Numeric module behaves under certain conditions.

Condition Response of output registers
When the device is started or powered-up (either the first time, or after a shut-down). The Numeric output register retains the value it held at shutdown.

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