PM8000 overview

The PM8000 energy and power quality meters help meet the needs of your energy monitoring and cost management applications.

PM8000 meters comply to international metering accuracy standards. You can customize your meter by loading specialized frameworks, adding option modules and incorporating mounting accessories into the physical installation.

Meter features

Power quality readings (THD)
Sag/swell capture for voltage and currents
True RMS metering to the 63rd harmonic
Active (kW), reactive (kVAR) and apparent (kVA) power
600 V direct connection on voltage inputs
Minimum/maximum readings of metered data
Water Air Gas Electricity Steam (WAGES) support
Time of use support
Trending and forecasting
Time synchronization to 1 ms accuracy
Dual port Ethernet (two physical ports, one Ethernet IP address)
Multiple languages supported
Web interface
Configuration through integrated or remote display
Alarms (active and historic) display viewing and acknowledgment
Modbus master and Ethernet gateway protocols supported
Downloadable firmware and templates
Advanced security
Variety of industry-standard communications protocols supported

Account management

If your meter’s user access information is lost, the meter is inoperable and cannot be returned to the factory.

Data Loss
Record your device's user and password information in a secure location.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.

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