Device-specific information

Manufacturing-related information about the meter is available from the Factory module or through Modbus commands.

The meter’s Factory module stores meter details such as device type, serial number and vendor name. You can use ION Setup in advanced mode to view the contents of the Factory module’s setup registers. Similarly, you can use Modbus commands to read the Modbus registers mapped to the corresponding Factory module’s registers.

NOTE: Not all ION device setup registers are mapped to Modbus registers by default.

Other device-specific details, such as Product Code, are not stored in the Factory module. Product Code (also known as Modbus Product ID) is a number that the manufacturer assigned to a product to uniquely identify it, for use by systems that specifically require this information. You can use the device’s Modbus map and Modbus commands to read the Modbus Product ID.

The ION Reference describes the Factory module in detail. You can download the ION Reference and your device’s Modbus map from www.se.com.

A bit tricky to document this topic because there is no one-to-one ION-Modbus mapping for the work done for Modbus Product ID. They went with minimalist approach. In effect they added Modbus access to a couple of ION registers. However, there is no ION register that corresponds to Product ID (a number that tells the PDM that the meter is a PM8000 or ION7400 or PM9000/ION9000). In effect, this is what they did:

Object ID, as defined by Power Data Model ION implementation (Factory module setup registers) Modbus implementation
0x00 = Vendor Name Added new ”Vendor Name” ION register New assignment for Modbus register 70–78 (described as “Manufacturer” in Modbus)
0x01 = Product Code (Modbus Product ID) Not implemented in ION (this is not the same as “Device Type”). This is handled as an exception to standard ION mapping, i.e., MODSLVRD_readModbusReg() New assignment for Modbus register 90 (described as “Product ID Number” in Modbus). The values 18000 to 18019 in the PDM database have been allocated for the HEP meters
0x02 = Firmware revision    
0x03 = Vendor URL Not implemented in ION  
0x04 = Product Range (“PM” or “ION”) Not implemented in ION  
0x05 = Product Model (ModelName) This is the existing “Device Type” ION register  
0x06 = User Application Name This is the existing “Device Name” ION register  
  Existing “Serial Number” ION register New assingment for Modbus register 117–128 (described as “ASCII Serial Number” in Modbus)
Product Product Code / Modbus Product ID (subject to change because of ION9000?)
PM8000 18000
PM8000 MID 18001
PM9000 18002
ION7400 18003
9410 18004
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