Panel-mount meter and remote display mounting and wiring recommendations

There are supplemental mounting and wiring recommendations that apply to panel-mount meters and remote displays.
  • The meter is intended to be mounted inside a ¼-DIN panel cutout.

  • Inspect the gasket (installed around the perimeter of the display) and make sure it is secured properly and not damaged.

  • The meter retainer clips, located on either side of the meter base and used to secure the meter in the panel, do not usually require any tools to install. If necessary, for panels with limited space, you can use a long-handled slot screwdriver to help install the meter retainer clips.

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  • The remote display can only be used with the DIN meter; it cannot be used by meters with an integrated display.

  • The remote display’s power and communications is provided through a single, direct, point-to-point connection from the remote display to the DIN meter.

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