Option 2: Upgrade using FTP

Load updates to your PM89RD96 display firmware using FTP.
  1. Launch the FTP client and connect to your meter’s internal FTP site.
  2. Copy the rmdupg_rd96_004.000.010.bin display firmware file to the remote display upgrade folder (rmdUpg).
    NOTE: The file is immediately transferred to the display, and is not stored on the meter.

    The following troubleshooting icon indicates that the PM89RD96 display firmware upgrade file is being transferred to the display.


  3. Wait a minimum of 7 minutes for the PM89RD96 display firmware upgrade to complete.
  4. Refer to “Upgrade status” to confirm the display firmware upgrade was completed.
  5. If the display upgrade status indicates Upgrade not completed, your display may need to be upgraded using the Two-step display firmware upgrade method.
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