PTP system setting recommendations

Your meter has been configured by default to be compatible in typical PTP supported systems.

In a PTP system, the grandmaster clock determines the reference time for the entire system. To ensure correct implementation and operation of the protocol, it is recommended to set the following parameters in your system grandmaster clock:

Parameter Setting Description
PTP device type End to End transparent clock

A transparent clock that supports the use of the end-to-end delay measurement mechanism between slave clocks and the master clock.

Peer delay mechanism 2 step

A clock that provides time information using the combination of an event message and a subsequent general message.

Clock domain 0–3

A logical grouping of clocks that synchronize to each other using the protocol, but that are not necessarily synchronized to clocks in another domain

Ethernet switches PTP V2 compatible

All switches and other devices in the network must support IEEE 1588 PTP V2 to achieve the stated time precision and accuracy

Star network topology

In addition to PTP system related settings, the accuracy of your meter clock also depends on your physical network configuration. A star network topology is required to achieve the level of clock precision specified.

  1. Ethernet switch or hub

  2. Ethernet connected meters

  3. PTP master clock

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