Sag/swell overview

Your meter monitors your power system’s voltage and current for sags and swells (INCITS (CBEMA) Type 2 and Type 3 disturbances); it then reports the disturbance’s magnitude and duration.

You can manually enter the limits (criteria) used by the meter to identify a sag or swell, or you can have your meter learn sag/swell limits by monitoring your power system.

Related topics • See “Configuring waveform recording using ION Setup” on page 109 for instructions on how to manually enter sag/swell limits. • See“Implementing sag/swell limit learning using ION Setup” on page 108 for instructions on to start setpoint learning and have the learned values used by your meter to identify sags/swells. • See “Waveform recording overview” on page 135 for details on how your meter records voltage and current waveform information.

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