Auto Reconnect

The Auto Reconnect functionality ensures your Responder services remain connected to the geodatabase and the SDE process whenever possible. This functionality is enabled by default and requires configuration only to disable it.

Should an exception indicate that communication has failed between the Responder service and SDE and/or the geodatabase, the Responder service begins a loop to test for communication. Once communication is possible (i.e., the geodatabase is available or SDE has become available), the Responder service automatically connects without requiring interaction with the user.

Disable Auto Reconnect

You can disable the Auto Reconnect functionality by setting the following XML attribute to False. This setting appears in the configuration file for each Responder service: Miner.Responder.DataServices.exe.config, Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe.config, Miner.Responder.QueryWindowsService.exe.config. To disable the setting in Miner.Responder.ArchiveServices.exe.config, add the attribute to the appSettings section and set it to False.

    <add key="allowSystemReset" value="true"/>

Direct Connect

If you are using a direct connection and an exception in the geodatabase arises, the exception may kill the SDE process. If this happens, the Responder service kills the corresponding service. The Responder Windows service will automatically create another instance of the service. You may turn off this functionality, in which case the corresponding service continues to attempt to connect to the failed SDE process and must be killed manually. To disable this functionality, look for the following XML and set the failFastOnComException value to False.

    <add name="ComExceptionRateReInitializationProvider" type="Miner.Responder.Processors.Initialization.Provider.ComExceptionRateReInitializationProvider, Miner.Responder.Processors" 
    maxComExceptionsPerMinute="20" failFastOnComException="true" />
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