Address Search

Use the Address Search tool to locate a specific address or intersection on the map.

NOTE: When you first open ArcFM Viewer and select one of the Address tools, their Locator fields may be empty. Click the Refresh button to refresh the list and populate it with valid Locators.
  1. If the Address Search tab is not visible, select it from the View menu.
  2. Select an Address Locator from the list.

    In order for this tool to work, an Address Locator must be associated with the database. Information for creating an Address Locator in ArcCatalog or in ArcToolbox is available in the ArcGIS for Desktop Help.

  3. Enter the address information and click Find. The fields will vary depending upon how the Address Locator is created. The values entered in these fields may not exceed 254 characters.
  4. To clear the results from the Map, click the Remove Location Graphics button on the ArcFM Address Tools toolbar.

    The Address Search tool uses the criteria entered to locate the point on the map and mark it.

    Address Search

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