Delete a Work Request

There are criteria to be followed when deleting a work request (WR). First determine if you may delete the WR:

  • Are you the current owner or an Administrator? If yes, continue to the next criteria. If no, you may not delete the WR.

  • Are there associated designs? If yes, continue to next criteria. If no, you may delete the WR in Workflow Manager.

  • Are you an Administrator? If there are associated designs, you must be an Administrator to delete the WR. If you are an Administrator, continue to the next criteria. If you are not an Administrator, you may not delete the WR.

  • At this point the Delete button will be enabled. Designs that have been opened in ArcMap (which creates an associated version) may not be deleted in Workflow Manager. You will receive an error message if you attempt to delete them in Workflow Manager. These designs must be opened in ArcMap, then deleted. The WR may not be deleted until all associated designs with versions are deleted.

WRs must be deleted in Workflow Manager. They may NOT be deleted in ArcMap. To delete a work request:

  1. Select the work request to be deleted.
  2. Click the Delete button on the Workflow Manager toolbar or right-click and select Delete.
  3. A confirmation screen will verify that you want to delete the work request and any associated designs. If the above criteria are not met, you will receive an error message. You may not delete a work request without deleting the associated designs.
  4. Click Yes to delete or No to keep the work request.
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