A Design May Be Locked Because...

  • For each work request, Workflow Manager allows only one approved design. For this reason, alternate designs for a work request are locked when a design is approved. Once a design has been approved, additional designs may not be created for that work request. If the approved design is later rejected, the alternate designs for that work request will be unlocked.

  • Each design may be edited by only one Designer at a time. For example, Designer #1 opens a design, then Designer #2 attempts to open the same design. Designer #2 will open a view-only version of the design and will not be able to edit it. When Designer #1 closes the design, it is unlocked.

  • A design is locked when another user owns the design. The design may be unlocked by using the Change Owner tool. A user must be the current owner or an administrator to use this tool.

  • Non-postable designs are locked. These designs cannot be unlocked.

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